Benzinga – Reopening Stock Summit

Know Your Real Estate Investment Options: mREITs, REITs, and Ground Leases Moderator: Tom Zuber, Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler Panelists: Ian Selig, AVP of Investor Relations, Safehold Inc. David Auerbach, Institutional Trader, World Equity Group – IR Realized, LLC

Psychedelics Virtual Conference

Psychedelics Now, in association with Psychedelics Today, PsyIndex, Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), Psychedelics Go, and Zuber Lawler present: “Psychedelics Virtual Conference” | Wednesday, June 23rd | 10 am PST – 1 pm EST.   This conference will include 3 psychedelics panels featuring experts in the field as they discuss: “Clearing the Haze – What’s Legal Today?” “Ketamine Clinics…

Navigating Tax Issues for Russian Interests in the U.S.

Host: Tom Zuber, Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler Moderator: Casey Kniser, Attorney, Law Offices of Casey Kniser – Member of Zuber Lawler Global Speakers: Gerold Libby, Partner, Zuber Lawler Ekaterina Boldinova, Partner, Head of Tax Practice, Five Stones Consulting Dmitry Gladkov, Managing Partner Moscow Office, Experto Crede Servizi Legali

The Cost of Counterfeiting in Esports

Host: Jason Chung, Counsel, Zuber Lawler Moderator: Nathaniel L. Fintz, Counsel, Zuber Lawler Panelists: Adrian Gale, VP of Merchandising, Licensing, Cloud9 Esports, Inc. Derick Manlapeg, Partner, VantageBP Duncan Stanley, Account Director, Evolved