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Webinar | Cannaployment: Best Practices of Wage and Hour Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


This event has passed. Watch the recording below.

Watch our Cannaployment webinar, “Best Practices of Wage and Hour Compliance in the Cannabis Industry” to ensure your organization stays compliant with the complex wage and hour regulations in this rapidly evolving sector. Designed for employers, HR professionals, and legal advisors, this webinar provides practical guidance to navigate unique challenges such as classification of employees, minimum wage and overtime requirements, break regulations, and compensation for non-traditional work arrangements. Our panel of industry experts will share strategies for effective record-keeping, communication, and risk mitigation. Don’t risk costly legal battles or loss of business licenses. Register now to gain the knowledge and tools you need to maintain compliance and thrive in the cannabis industry. Presented by FlowerHire, Greenleaf HR, and Zuber Lawler LLP.

Tom Zuber, Managing Partner at Zuber Lawler

Michael Carlin, Associate at Zuber Lawler
Jason Desentz, Managing Partner at FlowerHire
Beatrice Runyan, Associate VP of Client Development at Greenleaf HR

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