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Webinar| Cannaployment: Unions are Knocking, What do we do?

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


This event has passed. Watch the recording below.

Watch our informative webinar, where we address crucial aspects of engaging employees and managing the presence of labor unions in the cannabis industry. Our expert panel, will explore strategies for fostering employee engagement, implementing career pathing, and designing attractive incentive plans and benefits. Gain valuable insights into pay transparency and equity to promote a fair work environment. Learn how to create the right ecosystem to advocate for employee value and effectively handle labor unions. We’ll also discuss tactics to overcome potential unionization challenges, and situations that may arise in “right to work” states. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to ensure that the organization knocking on your door is a real union and not a fake one! Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your workforce and thrive in the ever-evolving cannabis industry!

Jim Ickes, Counsel, Zuber Lawler

Jason Desentz, Managing Partner, FlowerHire
Beatrice Runyan, Associate VP of Client Development, Greenleaf HR
Michael Carlin, Associate, Zuber Lawler

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