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Zuber Lawler has represented leading cannabis clients for over 15 years. The firm represents many of the world’s leading cannabis brands in relation to cannabis deals, cannabis patents, cannabis trademarks, cannabis FDA compliance, cannabis regulatory compliance, and cannabis litigation. Our roots run deep in cannabis law, stemming from the industry’s earliest days in the United States. A recent industry poll of leading cannabis executives and fund managers conducted by Business Insider recognized Zuber Lawler as one of the top law firms working in the cannabis industry. Marijuana Venture Magazine, the #1 business magazine in the cannabis industry, recently named Zuber Lawler “Cannabis Law Firm of the Year.”


Seasoned Cannabis Attorneys

Zuber Lawler cannabis lawyers are well versed in the needs of cannabis businesses both on a national and international scale. We specialize in typically misunderstood and underserved areas within the cannabis legal industry, including as to patents, trademarks, FDA compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcies, and ABCs. We represent leading cannabis companies across the United States, and increasingly throughout the world.

We can help to guide our clients through ever changing regulations, dense legal language, and help to ensure strict compliance to secure their ability to continue to build their brands successfully. Zuber Lawler focuses our practice on building accessible strategies and breaking down barriers. As the cannabis industry continues to expand globally, we want to ensure that industry professionals have access to the highest quality legal resources across a great variety of languages.

Zuber Lawler is devoted to servicing the cannabis industry with renowned practice ability. Our team of legal practitioners is committed to establishing trust in cannabis, for consumers and industry professionals alike. Our team looks forward to future opportunities to best serve our cannabis clients as the industry expands, whether it’s to negotiate and document cannabis mergers & acquisitions or manage high-stakes cannabis litigation. Zuber Lawler is devoted to the cause and will leverage its position as a leading cannabis law firm to promote the benefits of legal cannabis throughout the world.


Cultivating, manufacturing, producing, distributing, transporting, selling, purchasing, acquiring, administering, possessing, and/or using cannabis or cannabis-based products, or assisting and/or directing others to engage in such activities, is illegal under federal law, irrespective of any state law or regulation that may immunize or decriminalize such activities under certain circumstances. As such, a person or business that engages in any such activity may be subject to federal criminal prosecution, criminal and civil penalties, and other adverse legal consequences under federal law. Although federal enforcement policy as to medical cannabis activities may at times defer to states’ laws and regulations and not enforce conflicting federal laws, you should be aware that compliance with state laws and regulations in no way constitutes compliance with federal law and that conflicting federal law may be enforced in the future. You should also be aware that there is no official federal enforcement policy deferring to recreational (or adult-use) cannabis activities even when undertaken in strict compliance with states’ laws and regulations. No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal or state law or in avoiding detection of a violation of federal or state law. Nor will this Firm encourage anyone to violate federal or state law.

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