Zuber Lawler has extensive experience in defending against class actions and has either obtained early dismissals of several multi-million-dollar class actions lawsuits or prevented class certification. That is our goal in every case – to protect our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. The firm has repeatedly won important victories in class action litigation, including summary judgment or on appeal in state or federal courts.

We have handled class actions in wide-ranging areas of the law, including antitrust, federal securities, pharmaceuticals, copyright infringement, investment fraud, consumer protection, truth in lending, debt collection, and telecommunications.

Our firm also brings a unique advantage to class action defense that is rare among prominent law firms – Zuber Lawler attorneys have successfully litigated class actions on behalf of plaintiffs. The firm’s attorneys have obtained certification of several class actions and have been appointed as class counsel in a number of major cases. This gives us unique and valuable insight into the strategy and tactics of plaintiffs’ lawyers, the economics of class action litigation and the complexities of class notice and administration.

Whenever one of our clients is named in a class action lawsuit, our team can quickly develop a sound strategy, determine the best and most efficient and cost-effective way to handle the case, and act to obtain a favorable result for our client.