Zuber Lawler has proven trial attorneys, known for prevailing in difficult cases, but we know that the vast majority of cases do not go to trial, and we work with our clients to reach creative, cost-effective, and case-effective outcomes. Thus, while we approach each case with trial in mind, we always seek the best strategy for our clients’ interests, including considering alternatives such as mediation, arbitration, settlement, and case dispositive motions. We also strive to manage and minimize costs of discovery, whenever possible. Our trial practice is national and international in scope. Our attorneys have extensive experience with bet – the company matters, including on matters that cross national borders and involve multiple jurisdictions and legal systems. We know and use all tools available in cross-border and domestic matters to further our clients’ goals and are recognized for our skill in handling these critical issues.

Contract and commercial litigation form a major portion of the firm’s practice. We handle a broad range of such cases, from hearings before arbitration panels to state and federal court matters. We understand litigation as a business strategy and an investment decision for our clients. We believe in advancing our client’s success by delivering smart, aggressive, and creative representation, including early case assessment, attentive case management, and value driven practices.